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Beer Can Chicken

This is one of my family’s favorite summer time dinners. However since we live in a town that doesn’t sell packaged beer I often substitute root beer. Just make sure it’s not diet if you substitute.

It’s really one of the easier ways to cook chicken on the grill. Not much need to worry about flare ups scorching you dinner.



One roasting chicken per four people

Chef Salt

One 12oz can of beer or liquid of your choice per bird

One small potato per four people


Preheat your grill or light your charcoal

Oven will also work at 350 degrees

Sprinkle your meat rub onto and into the bird. Covering chicken completely. Massage it into the skin both the outside the bird and the inside cavity. Rub as much inside as you can without committing to marrying the bird.

Open the can of beer

Using a church key can opener or something sharp. (Don’t ruin a good knife stabbing a can) make four more wholes into the top of the can

Pout two ounces into a cup for tasting plus you need room for next step.

Put one teaspoon of meat rub into the beer can

Slide the chicken onto the can

Now the chicken should be on the can legs pointed downward

Place the can with chicken onto a heavy baking or roasting pan if you don’t have a beer can frame with a pan on the bottom. In other words if yours is just a frame.

Place pan directly onto grill at medium heat.

Shove potato into hole on top of the chicken

Close lid

After 90 minutes pierce the chicken if the juices run clear (not red) it is done. A good place to check is between the thigh and the body. If you have a meat thermometer (if not consider purchasing one soon) check temp in same place. You want at least 160 degrees

If not continue to cook beer can chicken checking every ten minutes

It is almost impossible to over cook bird with this method so relax.When chicken is done pull from grill and let rest 10 minutes.


Beer Can Chcken after 90 minues

Cut bird into pieces and serve. I wouldn’t count on eating the potatoes unless you like beer steamed spuds. Their only function was to hold the steam in the chicken.

If you want potatoes to go with your chicken consider boiling quartered potatoes till you can pierce them with a fork without too much effort. Then toss them in a little olive oil and shake on chef salt. Pplace on the grill. About 10 minutes each side till golden brown.

Beer Can Chicken
Beer Can Chicken
beer can chicken cooked on grill

Cook Time: 1 hour, 30 minutes

Yield: 4 per chicken

  • roasting chicken
  • 12 oz beer
  • chef salt
  • one small potato

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