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Am I old fashioned?

Last night I was watching Chef Gordon Ramsey, on one of his obscenity filled TV programs, when I wondered about a couple of things.

When did it become socially acceptable to swear on television – bleeped or not? There was a time in this country when people could express themselves without vulgarities. There actually were adjectives that didn’t start with an “F” and end with a “king.”

This trend certainly didn’t start with Ramsey but he has raised the skill to an art form.

Television used to be an appliance my family and I could watch together without me being embarrassed by the language. Now don’t get me wrong, I am no dainty flower. As a young man I managed a truck stop. I have heard and yes, said it all but that doesn’t mean that the terms thrown around a diesel fuel island should be heard in my living room.

The other part of this I wondered about, when did it become okay to swear at women? Am I sexist for believing foul language should not be used in front of women? And I certainly feel it should never be used towards women.

In my youth, if a man like Ramsey said things like he says, on his shows, to a woman, someone would’ve knocked him on his ass. This may be sexiest but it was a much nicer time.

I’ll expand it even further. In my house, growing up, if anyone, be it man or boy, would of used foul language in front of my mother they would’ve been thrown out of the house. I don’t mean asked to leave. I mean my father would’ve picked them up and thrown them out the door and you better pray it was open. I know this because I once saw it.

My mother and father not only raised six children of their own but they also raised foster kids. One day the alcoholic parents of two of my foster brothers came to visit – unannounced. When my mother asked them to leave the father began to call my mother some colorful names. Unfortunately for him my Dad was just getting home from work. As he walked up to our front door he saw this strange man swearing at my Mom. My Dad didn’t ask a single question. He did not say a word. He simply grabbed the man by the back of his coat and the back of his pants and tossed him into the front yard. The man complained about being attacked from behind. My father offered to attack him from the front. The last time we saw that guy was a few moments later when he started to run down the street to get away from Dad.

By the way the police were called. They asked what happened, heard the story and agreed, if a man swears at your wife you have the right to throw them out in the yard. It may seem odd after that story to say but it was nicer time.

A time when a person could go to the grocery store without learning new swear words. A time when I could watch TV without it sounding like a series of bleeps interrupted by nouns.

I may be old fashioned and I may be sexiest in saying so but I would give almost anything to watch Ramsey call a young female cook an off color name in front of my father.

It would be fun to watch but my guess is you’d only see it once.

It’s surprising how getting tossed out a door will make you think twice about which words you choose.

A sexiest time maybe. A nicer time? I believe so. A time when women were treated with respect. If for no other reason but because a man like father was always there to remind you, if you forgot.

You could say a lot of things about men like my dad but in front of women they better not start with an “F” and end with a “king.”



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