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As American as Apple Pie

Yesterday at my house was as American as apple pie. Mostly because my house was filled with apple pie. If you remember from yesterday’s post, my wife, Sharon, bought a bag of apples from the farm market with the promise she would make apple pies. Last night she kept that promise.

peeling apples

She peeled about a third of a bushel of apples by hand. Mostly because she makes a mess when she peels them with her feet.

I, being a thoughtful husband, even was nice enough to set up a table in the living room so she could watch TV while making the apple pies.

peeling apples in the living room.

It lets her watch TV plus it squashes any excuse like “Can’t I wait till Modern Family is over before I make the pies?”

It’s nice to have a 6 foot folding table when you need one. Unfortunately we don’t have a portable oven (yet) so she had to leave the living room while she put them in the oven, checked on them, and removed them from the oven. We do however own a DVR so I was able to pause the television so she didn’t miss any of the shows we were watching. I told you I was thoughtful!

While she prepped the pies I kept my self busy cooking chicken wings. Not only a favorite of ours but also high in protein to keep her productive.

deep frying chicken wings in outdoor fryer

Frying Chicken Wings while Sharon makes pies.

Don’t worry, I let her get the pies into the oven before I bothered her with freshly fried chicken wings.

The pies turned out great. I personally tasted them as soon as they cooled enough to eat. I even, being thoughtful again, made a trip to the store to get whipped cream and ice cream to top the fresh apple pie.

fresh baked apple pies.

The first two apple pies.

Our oven will only hold two pies at a time. We do need to upgrade. So it took awhile but she made four beautiful apple pies.

4 baked apple pies

I am not sure she really wanted whipped cream and ice cream or she sent me to the store to keep fromĀ  eating the pies before they were cool enough to avoid 2nd degree burns on the roof of my mouth.

So to sum it up. She made four great apple pies. I fried a big bowl of chicken wings. I went to the store to buy whipped cream and ice cream. I set up the table. She didn’t miss any TV.

I am such a good husband!

And my reward?



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