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Another Cake I Can’t Eat

Yesterday and I do mean yesterday. Not a couple of minutes or a couple of hours but most of yesterday Sharon made another cake i wasn’t allowed to taste let alone eat.

It was a cake she was making for someone who has a birthday in the family this week. Since I had to watch a lot of the cake being made part they could’ve invited me to party so I could do some of the eating part too.

Seems only fair.

mickey mouse cake

A mouse on her cake


If you don’t know what kind of cake this is you may be from out of town, out of state, out of country or out of this world.

Mickey Mouse may not be as dominant a cartoon figure as he was, when I was a kid, but he is still pretty popular for a guy who has no ninja skills.

Popular enough for some little kid (I assume) to still want him on a birthday cake.

Cake Mickey Mouse

A better view of Mickey

3d mickey mouse cake

I tried to show the depth of the cake with this shot

mickey mouse cake on sheet cake

I wonder if it tastes as good as it looks?



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