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Another Christmas Gone

Christmas 2013 has come and gone. I received some nice gifts. My children and wife seemed happy with what they got for Christmas. My grandson was over whelmed with gifts from a large family.

For the first time in years we ate Christmas dinner away from home. We ate at T.J.’s (my oldest) house. It was nice. His family, of course, was there. Bethany’s family was there. She has no siblings but plenty of family. Their son, my grandson, was the center of attention and he had a crowd to entertain.

He had mom and dad, three uncles, a great uncle, a great aunt, three grandfathers, two grandmothers, three great grandfathers and three great grandmothers.

The nice part of that group, even as a grandfather, I wasn’t even close to be the oldest person present. In fact, I felt pretty young considering there was 6 great grandparents in attendance.

The dinner a group effort. Sharon made three apple pies and one pumpkin plus a very good antipasto salad. I wasn’t asked to cook anything.

I did do the job I almost always get assigned to at any family dinner. It doesn’t matter whose house, whether it is T.J.’s or my mother in-law or a neighbor, I am usually asked to carve the turkey. Probably not as much for my knife skills, which are considerable, but because, I, at one time was a professional. I cooked and carved turkeys for a living as part of owning our restaurants. Like so many culinary skills, my turkey carving was taught to me by my father.¬† He taught me how to get every ounce of meat from the turkey.

I can cut up a turkey so nothing is left but bone and cartilage but I think I am asked¬† because most people are afraid to cut up a bird in front of me. Just like they wouldn’t hit a baseball in front of Reggie Jackson.

It’s okay. I don’t mind. It gives me something to do. I don’t dance or sing but I can hack the meat off a turkey carcass with the best of them.

The trick to carving a turkey is to cut the large parts off then slice the meat on a cutting board. Don’t try to carve the breast like on TV while on the bird. Cut the two sections of breasts from the center bone then slice. Same method for legs, thighs and wings.

Makes it much easier. Trust me.

Back to the original subject. Christmas was good. Christmas dinner was nice.

We are all healthy, even if Christmas left us a little poorer.

Now we look forward to a New Year.

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