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Baby on Board Is Not Immunity

This morning I was driving my son John to work when I was cut off in traffic by a miniature SUV. But it was okay, the sports utility vehicle, wanna be, had a “baby on board” sign. A sign the driver, obviously, felt gave him immunity from things all the rest of us use like turn signals and traffic spacing.

Why make sure there is plenty of room to change lanes when you have the b on b sign in the window? Why use a turn signal when the little yellow sign is displayed proudly? It so happened the SUV replica was going to the same place we were and I will assure you, not a single turn, did he use a signal. Now maybe his signals are broken and he doesn’t know it. If that is the case I understand. But that doesn’t excuse him from changing lanes, in front of us, when there wasn’t room or ignoring stop signs on right turns.

How could he expect us to honor his sign when he didn’t?

I’ll tell you – there was no baby on board and he knew it. I saw plainly into his vehicle and I know that to be true.

He had the sign asking all of us to give him a little space. To be a little more careful around him. I, as a father of four and grandfather of one, would be more than happy to let him have more room. Even though he was falsely warning us.

I gave him room because I am old and I know better than to trust a stranger’s driving ability. I try to always give people more room than they need. To make sure I am never “dead” right when it comes to traffic laws. Especially this morning.

Because I had no sign but I had one of my full sized babies on board and that is better reason to be careful than a sign any day of the week – even Tuesday.




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