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Baby Sitting at My Age

I have raised four great sons. And yes four is the total number. It’s not like I raised four great sons, two or three average sons and an idiot daughter.

When I did most of the hard work of raising kids I was in my late twenties and thirties. Now I am 53 and one evening with my grandson wears me out. The last time one of my sons was Grayson’s age I was 37. Not all that young for a Dad but considerably younger than 53.

I feel the same way I did when I was 37, until pushed, and Grayson does push. Oh, not in a bad way. I enjoy him to no end but he is as active as a healthy 1 year old should be. And I am thankful but he wears granddad out!

I once read years ago about an experiment where the great athlete Jim Thorpe tried to mimic the movements of a baby and couldn’t for very long. So what chance does a 53 year old grandfather have chasing his baby grandson?

He grabs the cat’s tail. Then he pulls the Boxer’s lips. Then he plays with his car. Then he wants his train. Then he plays with the car again. Then he wants his sippy cup. Now he wants some cereal. Then he wants to go up the stairs. Can’t do that because he has only mastered the up but not the down. Got to put up the hallway gate while I do that he is throwing dog food all over the dining room.

All that was the first 5 minutes.Then he settled down. Got a second wind and repeated it all in reverse order. I felt like a marathon runner on mile 26 except I had one advantage. I was watching my grandson and it’s a pleasure.

It’s a pleasure to watch his eyes get big when the cat hisses. It’s a pleasure to watch a 100 pound dog let a small boy do something no one else would dare try. It’s a pleasure to watch him rock to the music his car plays. It’s a pleasure to watch him master rolling his toy train across the carpet. It’s a pleasure watching him eat and drink like the healthy boy he is. I even like watching him climb the stairs, all the time looking over his shoulder at me and knowing he is safe as long as granddad follows him. It’s even fun to watch him throw dog food all over the room. He has a pitching arm like is daddy and that makes me very happy.

Then, as if he knows I need it, he stops and I rest, then we do it all over again. Grayson and Granddad and a mess of a house.

grandson playing

Grayson playing.

Toys from one end to the other and I don’t care.

For the same reason I never cared when his Dad and Uncles did the same thing.

Because I am not raising a house.

I am raising a family.




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