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Back on My Diet

Six weeks later.

If you read me you know I lost 60 pounds this spring. In early March I weighed 245 pounds. One day I was clicking around the channels when a guest on Dr. Oz caught my ear – Haylie Pomroy.

She was explaining her Fast Metabolism Diet. Her theory is you have to eat to lose weight and the more you need to lose the more you need to eat. This sounded like the diet for me. She also explained that most of us have screwed up our metabolisms by dieting. Her diet addresses this problem.

By eating specific things on certain days the metabolism could be fixed. You could heal your body with food.

So after hearing all of this I decided to give it a try. Using her website and information from Dr. Oz’s show I started eating following Pomroy’s plan. A month later the Fast Metabolism Diet book was released into stores. I bought it and read it thoroughly.  I found out I made a few mistakes but for the most part I was following the plan except for still drinking coffee.

After reading the book I followed the diet religiously except for a few holidays. Even giving up a 35 year coffee habit.

On July 1st I weighed 185 pounds. Not skinny but no longer fat. I decided I wanted to enjoy the summer and to me that means ice cream, fried chicken and barbecue. I was going to test my metabolism and test it I did.

I ate ice cream about every other day. I ate fried chicken, funnel cake, french fries and all kinds of other foods cooked in oil. I ate smoked brisket, pulled pork and smoked chicken. I ate cheesecake like I was on death row.

I really, really enjoyed my summer.

Last week my son James went back to school. Although the calender doesn’t agree that is the signal to me, summer is over, so I went back on the Fast Metabolism Diet.

I weighed 190 pounds after six weeks of total gluttony

One week later I am back down to the 185 pounds I was on July 1st.

I am not a nutritionist. I don’t have a science background, so this is just my lay opinion.

My metabolism is back to what it was 30 years ago when I was in my early 20′s. Those days if I gained a few pounds I could take it back off as easy as I gained it. Just like I did this week.

Again I am not a professional dietician but I know the Fast Metabolism Diet worked for me and if you need to lose a few or more pounds, I highly recommend it.

You can find her book in WalMart or on Amazon for about 16 bucks. Not a bad price for a new waistline.





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