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Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs

My wife decided what hot dogs need to liven them up is slices of hickory smoked bacon.  Her and my children think bacon is the answer to every food question so they deep fried bacon wrapped hot dogs.

bacon wrapped hot dogs before cooking

She simply wrapped each hot dog with one slice of hickory smoked bacon. She pinned the bacon to one end with wooden  kebob skewers then wrapped them in a barber pole pattern. Then pinned the other end.

deep frying hot dogs in propane deep fryer

She then fried the hot dogs using my 4 gallon propane powered outdoor deep fryer. I am sure a small electric deep fryer would work just as well. She was able to fry four at a time with the large fryer. With a small indoor table fryer you may have to fry smaller batches. The hot dogs don’t take up much room. It’s the skewers that make it hard to cook too many at a time.

fried bacon wrapped hot dog

Four fried bacon wrapped hot dogs with skewers removed. Make sure and get all of the skewer out of the dog.

wife put bacon hot dogs into the buns

My wife putting the bacon hot dogs into buns. Notice Maximus and Christmas, the Boxers, in line for their hot dogs.

hot dogs wrapped in bacon in hot dog buns

This is what the finished product looks like.

bacon wrapped hot dogs and tater tots

This is what the meal looked like that night. I was still on my diet at the time so I didn’t partake but the kids gave them rave reviews. They tried them plain and with mustard. The consensus was mustard or not the hot dogs were delicious with bacon wrapped around them.

james eating bacon wrapped hot dog

James, the youngest eating a hot dog with mustard


Christopher, second oldest, eating his without mustard. He hates mustard but loved bacon.

Bacon wrapped hot dogs fried
hot dog wrapped in hickory smoked bacon recipe

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 2 minutes

Yield: 2 hot dogs per person


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