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Invaded by Snowmen and Santas

santa made from strawberries
Last month our house was invaded by turkeys. This month we are being invaded by snowmen and Santa. Little tiny sweet Santas and tall, frosting topped cupcake snowmen.   If your house is going to be invaded I highly recommend both of these invaders. Much better than squirrels...
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Another Cake I Can’t Eat

Cake Mickey Mouse
Yesterday and I do mean yesterday. Not a couple of minutes or a couple of hours but most of yesterday Sharon made another cake i wasn’t allowed to taste let alone eat. It was a cake she was making for someone who has a birthday in the family...
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We Are Making Pies

fresh baked apple pies
Sharon and I are busy making pies today. I have worked hard at it. I drove her to the farmers market for more apples. I took her to Big Lots for more pie plates. I even took her to lunch at A&W. Now for the real work –...
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Turkeys Got Loose in the House

Turkey Cookies made from Hershey Kisses, Oreo cookies and other sweet stuff.
I fell asleep in the recliner two nights ago and when I woke turkeys were loose in the house. Sharon was bust herding them into a small box but a few were still on the table.   She managed to catch all of them. These turkeys are going...
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Monsters in My Living Room

icing filled cookie monsters
Today there were monsters in my living room. I was in the living room watching NASCAR when monsters appeared. Not scary or dangerous monsters- little cute monster that looked pretty tasty. They appeared, like a lot of tasty things in my house, on a folding table. They were...
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As American as Apple Pie

fresh baked apple pies.
Yesterday at my house was as American as apple pie. Mostly because my house was filled with apple pie. If you remember from yesterday’s post, my wife, Sharon, bought a bag of apples from the farm market with the promise she would make apple pies. Last night she...
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She’s Feeling Well

Finally Sharon is feeling well. (For those of you who haven’t read me before, she had a kidney stone. Not just any kidney stone but the Hope Diamond of kidney stones. A stone so big they broke it into 8 pieces to remove it. It was stuck in...
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Tinkerbell Cake – I Wasn’t Allowed to eat

tinkerbell cake with fondant flowers
My wife made another cake I wasn’t allowed to eat. This time it was a Tinkerbell themed cake for someone at work. A three layer chocolate cake with white icing and enough sugar flowers to give a bumble bee diabetes. The flowers were actually made out of fondant...
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