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Beef Brisket Miracle

It’s either a miracle or I am losing my mind. There is a chance it’s both. It may be my diet making me hallucinate. I’ve been dieting for 4 months. I have lost a total of sixty pounds on the Fast Metabolism Diet by Haylie Pomroy but that’s not the miracle. Although me losing weight does come close. I like food and I like a lot of it.

The maybe miracle is my barbecue beef brisket. I didn’t pick out a particular brisket. I didn’t choose it for it’s shape. I didn’t even notice anything unusual until I slow smoked it in my propane smoker.

barbecue beef brisket shaped like New Jersey

After the cooking shrunk it a bit and the slow smoking rendered some fat it looked like this.

Is it just me or is that brisket shaped like the state of New Jersey?

new jersey outline

Now for most people that isn’t significant but I lived there twice for a total of seven years. Not only that but three of my kids and my wife were born in New Jersey. Is my barbecue trying to tell me something? Trying to tell me I should move back?

I think so!

So I did the only thing I could – I sliced it up into many, many pieces which resembled nothing but sliced brisket covered in bbq sauce. I shut up the miracle brisket forever.

It’s not that I don’t like Jersey, it’s just that I like Kentucky and about 40 other states better. Although some of my favorite people are from there, it’s not near the top of places I’ve lived.

I have lived in Idaho, Nevada, California, New Jersey, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey (again), Florida and Kentucky. New Jersey ranks 8th and 9th on my favorite places I’ve lived.

Which is odd because it ranks 1st and 2nd in the amount of people, who I am very fond of, who was born in a state I’ve lived. Not only my family but some of my best friends.

None the less, the brisket had to be quieted.

And the best way to quiet bbq is to cut it up, smother it in home made bbq sauce and eat it.

The sacrifices I make for my family are endless.

Miracle Beef Brisket
a bbq beef brisket shaped like New Jersey

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