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Not A Big Fan

I am not a big fan of this weather change. In the least few days the weather has cooled off. It’s not winter but it’s not summer either.

Today, the high was probably 60 or near it but it felt colder. It was one of those dreary, windy, rainy days that chills you to the bone. It’s day like this that I miss the year and a half we lived in Florida. I don’t miss the hurricanes but I do miss the 80 degree fall days.

The days when I would mow the lawn them jump into the pool to cool off. It was the nice. It was nice until hurricane Jeanne blew half the neighborhood and most of our roof shingles into the pool.

Then we left.

Jeanne was the second hurricane to hit our town, Port St. Lucie, in a three week span. Francis hit first. Then three weeks to the day Jeanne visited. Then like I said, we left.

My limit is two hurricanes in one year.

But I still miss the warm Florida fall.

Especially on days like today.

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