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I Need to Capture a Bigfoot

What do you say about a day when golf was the most exciting thing you saw and it was on TV. Boring is one word that comes to mind. Peaceful is another. Serene if you want to show off your vocabulary.

Besides golf I met with the sports editor of the paper where I freelance. He wanted me to practice writing because I hadn’t written anything in a couple of months for him. The reason? I write high school sports and it was summertime. Not much exciting happen when the kids are on vacation. The sports editor doesn’t realize I write, on average, twenty essays a week. The 20 counts recipes which aren’t really essays but close enough for counting purposes.

So I haven’t exactly forgot where my keyboard is located. Lucky for both of you who read this stuff. Actually it’s a few more than a couple and I appreciate everyone of you and I am sorry I didn’t slay a Bigfoot or capture the Loch Ness monster today. All I did is watch Tiger Woods maintain his lead in the Firestone tournament and write about a fictional basketball game.

bigfoot concrete statue

Big Foot made from concrete and weighing 400 lbs at a concrete yard figure store in Cave City, KY. Bigfoot wouldn’t scare me as much as the Cardinal that’s almost as big as Bigfoot.

My wife is on vacation so maybe things will pick up but not for a day or two. She is sick. She has an ear infection causing vertigo. To help the vertigo they gave her a drug which she had a reaction to. So they gave her a couple more drugs and they are making her sleep about 18 hours a day. It’s either that or she is exhausted from the ridiculous schedule she has been working lately.

As I have mentioned before she is a restaurant manager and her boss obviously learned scheduling from reading a book about worker relations on a pre civil war plantation.

I tell you how bad her schedule is. When she described it to the doctor the doctor was astonished. Remember this is a person who went through a medical residency and she couldn’t believe the hours a restaurant manager is required to work.

Then people wonder why occasionally things are a little off when they go out to eat. Next time you have a problem at a restaurant ask the manager when was the last time she or he got 8 hours asleep. The answer may surprise you. It will probably be in weeks and not days.

Henry Ford invented the 8 hour work day because it was more productive. Perhaps restaurants will one day hear of his discovery.

Again I digress.

So as soon as she wakes up, Tuesday or Wednesday I’ll get her to bake something and I’ll share it in pictures. Until then maybe I can bag a Bigfoot or two.

Hope you are having a good weekend!



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