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Buffalo Hot Wings Oven Cooked

Oven Cooked Buffalo Hot Wing Recipe for those of you who do not own a four gallon deep fryer.

If you like Buffalo hot wings this is the spot for you. There is nothing better than hot wings made with your favorite sauce. Just follow my easy hot wing recipe and you will be the hit of your next hot wing party.

Buffalo Hot Wings Ingredients

Two dozen whole fresh wings or 48 precut fresh wings

Cooking oil-whatever kind you like-olive if you have money to burn-vegetable is good-personally I use the cheapest because in this recipe you aren’t going to be able to tell what oil was used when you are finished.

Your favorite chicken wing sauce

Mine is Frank’s RedHot Buffalo Wing Sauce (not Frank’s RedHot Hot Sauce) . Franks also makes a “Hot Buffalo” sauce that is very good if you like a little more heat on your hot wings.

One cup flour

How to Cook Buffalo Hot Wings

Preheat the oven to 425 degrees

Cut uncut chicken wings into sections of three

Discard tips in outside garbage if trash day is more than a day away. It’s amazing how fast chicken can begin to smell at room temperature.

Put chicken wings into large bowl

How large? Big enough to fit the wings

Put small amount of oil on wings and toss coating wings lightly

Add flour to bowl and again toss coating wings completely

You might have to get your hands dirty to get wings entirely covered.

Place wings on large flat pan after coating it with oil or using a spray food release like PAM-again large enough pan to single layer the wings

Cook the Buffalo hot wings ten minutes

Turn wings

Cook for another ten minutes

Turn oven to 350 degrees

Cook twenty five minutes

Poke a couple hot wings with a fork if juices run clear remove wings from oven

buffalo hot wings

The wings before they are coated in sauce.

Place half the hot wing sauce in large bowl (about half a cup)

Use one with a lid if you have it

Do not use the same bowl you used for the flour unless you have washed it and sanitized it.

Place the hot wings in the bowl

Place remaining sauce (another half cup) on hot wings and toss. Coating wings completely.

Serve with Ranch dressing.

Celery is also a good compliment if you are looking for good compliments.

One final note hot wings will be messy so put away the napkins and grab a roll of paper towels. My wife uses plastic gloves to keep hot sauce off her fingers and to keep her nails clean.

Buffalo Hot Wings Summary

Buffalo Hot Wings Oven Cooked
Buffalo Hot Wings Oven Cooked
An easy to follow recipe for cooking buffalo hot wings in the oven.

Prep Time: 30 minutes

Cook Time: 45 minutes

  • chicken wings
  • flour
  • cooking oil
  • hot sauce
Cut wings into sections. Coat in oil and flour. Bake 10 minutes. Turn wings and bake ten minutes. Reduce heat and cook an additional 25 minutes. Toss wings in hot sauce.

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