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A Busy Day

long grass in back yard

Back yard before mowing.

Today I have about a thousand things to do and probably won’t get any of them done.

  • I need to – still – reinstall the stairway rail.
  • I need to replace the two screen doors on the deck.
  • I need to clean my office.
  • I need to clean the garage.
  • I need to mow the lawn.
  • I need to trim the ivy under the deck.
  • I need to shampoo the carpet in the downstairs bedroom.

Instead of those things I will be taking Sharon to the doctor to follow up on her kidney stone ordeal. Then a couple hours later I will go with her o the dentist to get her teeth cleaned. After that we are going to an open house at Western Kentucky University to get information for James’ college choice.

All three things more important than the chores I have been putting off for week. Kind of important to have that follow up with the doctor. Always nice to have clean teeth. James needs to start gathering information on where he wants to school.

And of course, as with all my chores there is always tomorrow.

So why do work today when I have so many excuses to do it later?


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