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Christmas Less Than a Month Away

It seems impossible to think Christmas is just a month away. Time seems to fly faster when we get older. When I was a kid years took forever. Now that there are more years behind me than ahead of me, years fly by like leaves in the wind.

It’s really not fair. The more you learn to cherish time the harder it is to grasp.

A few days ago I was kid. Yesterday I had kids of my own. Now I have a grand child. Christmas was fun when I was young. Then it was fun again when my kids were young. Now this year I am enjoying looking for the perfect present for my grandson.

But with only a month to go the pressure is building. I  have seen a few things that might work and I am thinking about buying them all. It’s probably not the best idea but it is standard procedure for grandfathers.

We like to spoil grand kids.

If we don’t do it who will? Oh sure, grandma will. But she does it in different ways. Toys and clothes. Grandfathers don’t buy clothes and the toys we buy are only of the manly variety.

Balls, bats, trucks and basketball hoops. Are examples of what grandpas buy. Stuff we know about. I can’t tell you what clothes will look good on a tiny person but I know exactly what height basketball hoop will work for a 2 1/2 foot tall boy.

It’s a gift.

It’s a gift I am ready to use. A December super power.

Last Year (2012)

Last Year (2012)

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