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Coffee and me

Coffee is an old friend of mine. My Mom drank a pot a day and I inherited the addiction. Oh, I am not blaming my Mom, it’s not her fault. In fact I picked up the habit of drinking coffee outside of her house. After high school I was a department manager at a very large truck stop – Sierra Sids in Sparks, NV. I worked both long and late hours and like everyone else in the truck stop, customers and employees both, I relied heavily on caffeine to get me through the day.

My addiction started with a cup here and there and built over 35 years to a more than a pot a day habit. Yea, I would drink about 15 cups of coffee a day. Like most addictions I built a tolerance and needed more and more to quench my caffeine cravings.

Why am I babbling about coffee?

Because this year I quit cold turkey!

I began a diet in March – The Fast Metabolism Diet – which had a rule about no caffeine during the diet. Well, like all addicts I didn’t think that rule applied to me. So I followed every rule of the diet, to the letter, except for giving up coffee.

me before diet

Me at my niece’s wedding October 2012

I lost weight but I didn’t lose weight as fast as the diet promised. So I had a soul searching and tried to decide whether I liked coffee more than I liked being fat.

I loved coffee and the high it gave me. I hated being winded tying my shoes. I couldn’t imagine getting through a day without a constant stream of coffee going down my throat. I also couldn’t imagine living a full life if I stayed fat.

So, like I said, I quit coffee.

You know what? I started to lose weight as fast as the diet’s author, Haylie Pomroy, promised. I am not going to say I am no longer fat but I will tell you I am not as fat as I was.

In early March I weighed 245 lbs. Today I weigh 189 lbs.

I haven’t had a drop of coffee since April 9th. I am not going to say it was easy. I had a dull constant headache for four days. I still miss having a cup in my hand. What I don’t miss is being tired all the time.

It’s amazing how I don’t need a boost of caffeine now that I am not carrying around 56 lbs of fat.

I still miss my old friend but I don’t miss resting between tying my shoes.

J Pat before diet

Same pants and shirt June 24th 2013




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