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Cold Hearted Daughters

So I am watching television the other day and a commercial caught my eye.

The scene shows three women – a mother and two adult daughters. The daughters ask about their dad. Apparently he fell from a ladder or roof or some other high place. Sorry I wasn’t paying a lot of attention at first.

They are naturally concerned about dear old dad or so it appeared at first.

Then the real story.

They are concerned only about themselves!

All these two black hearted, ice queens want to know is if mom has bought life insurance, not how dad is. Not if there is anything they can do to help their injured father. No, the cold hearted offspring just want to know they will not have to help mom when the old fool finally fatally falls from the roof, ladder or other high place.

As they grill mom on whether she has bought the life insurance, they told her about, a voice over says something about Metlife insurance and how the survivors won’t be burdened with burial expenses.

How sweet. dad is hurt and we want to badger mom, at this moment, into making sure the clumsy old fool provides one more pay day for his oh so caring daughters.

I am not sure what is worse. The portrayal of theses kind of people in the commercial or the fact that real life people met in a room somewhere and thought this was how people should act when a family member hurts themselves.

Then as the commercial is ending, dad comes into the room, sheepishly, in an arm sling. I am sure if he heard the conversation he is expecting to be put down like a lame horse. Probably the only thing that saved him was the fact mom hadn’t bought the insurance – yet!

What a lovely commercial. Sure it got my attention and that is the point of advertising.

But I wouldn’t buy Metlife if Charlie Brown himself came to the door selling it.

If my kids want to spare themselves from the burden of after my life expenses they can buy it.

Or they can put me in a trash bag and throw me in a river. I don’t care. Tell my creditors they can fish me out and try to collect what’s owed them.

They say you can’t take it with you so I am sure the hell not going to worry about debts after I die.

I have already spent way too much time on that subject while living.

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