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Cold Weather Makes Them Thirsty

Here, like most of America, it is very cold. Right now the thermometer says it’s negative 2. If you count the wind chill it feels like negative 20. This kind of weather makes me regret my decision to give up coffee.

Right now a good hot cup of something sounds pretty good to me. Apparently I am unique in this feeling. My fellow citizens of Glasgow, Ky crave another beverage in a cold snap. They want cold milk and lots of it.

I find it odd to want a cold drink when the mercury is bottoming out but to each his own. How do I know they want milk? Because I went to WalMart, to pick up an item or two, and there wasn’t a drop of milk left in the store. Luckily I had plenty of milk at home for the kid’s cereal and we don’t like cold drinks during severe cold snaps.

empty milk shelves at WalMart

Empty Milk Shelves

Of course it wasn’t just because Glasgow’s population was craving cold milk it was also because they were stocking up for the storm. I didn’t take a picture of them but the bread shelves looked similar as did the soup aisle and the canned goods aisle.

Glasgow was certainly ready in case they couldn’t get to store for an hour or two. We were predicted to get up to two inches of snow. We received, maybe, a half inch. With major snowfall like that it might delay a shopping trip for several minutes in this day and age.

I know experts will tell you to stock up but do we really need to? When was the last time we had power outages that lasted more than an hour? We may complain about the high cost of utilities but they do a pretty good job of keeping the juice running to the meters. In fact a couple of weeks ago we had a transformer blow on the pole in front of the house and they had it fixed, in a thunder storm, in 45 minutes.

So next time a storm is coming buy an extra can or two of soup or tuna or something if it makes you feel safer but there is no need to go nuts and buy all the milk in the county.

I am, as friends and family can tell you, a weather magnet. I have been through floods, several snow storms exceeding 20 inches overnight, hurricanes and many, many straight line wind events and I have yet to go hungry.

Even when two hurricanes hit the city we were living in, three weeks apart, we were still able to shop for groceries a couple of days after the storms.

Want to know why?

Because the stores had a lot of food that would go bad if they didn’t sell it so they fired up generators and had their stores open as soon as possible.

So look in your pantry. Look in your freezer. If you have enough food to last two days you are safe. The experts might tell you different but most of those experts are being advised by the stores.

Stores whose business it is to sell you stuff.

Lots and lots of stuff.



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