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Conserving power

I saw on TV that our local power company – The Electric Plant Board – was asking people to conserve power between the hours of noon and 4 pm to keep our electric rates down due to peak usage. I am a community minded guy so I thought “I can do without my 73 inch HD television running all day just because I hate the house being so quiet.” I also turned the thermostat up to 80 on the AC. It’s only a two degree increase so I think I’ll live.

You wouldn’t believe how hot 80 feels when you are used to 78! I feel like I am sitting in an oven while I am complaining to you about feeling like sitting in an oven. I am actually sweating while typing this nonsense.

The TV being off is actually nice. It turns out in a house as chaotic as mine quiet is very peaceful. Who would of thought?

But that is about to end. John will be off work soon. Chris worked late so he is just waking up and James, he’s been up for hours, but he never makes noise except when he cooks and today he is trying to help out by eating fruit and other cold stuff. My wife is also due home but there will be no noise from her. She’ll fall asleep on the couch seconds after getting home. She went in at 5 AM this morning which isn’t bad if she always went in at 5 but she doesn’t . Sunday she did. Monday she went in at 2 PM and was home by 1 AM. Tuesday she left for work at 9 AM and arrived home at 10 PM.  So after today her sleep deficit will catch up to her.

It seems her boss doesn’t like her to work the same shift twice in a row  because she might actually be rested. I truthfully don’t think he does it on purpose. I just believe he can’t make a decent schedule to save his life. By the way she is a manger and there are only a total of five people on her schedule so it’s not exactly brain surgery.

Like my Dad always told me “Some people can make schedules and some can’t. It seems to be a natural talent that can’t be taught.”

I think Dad was right but I have another saying “Incompetence is still incompetence whether intended or not!”

If the guy can’t make a schedule give the task to someone who can.

But I digress.

Back to my hot, quiet house .

I hope everyone is sweating like me and our power rates reflect our effort.

But even if it doesn’t, quiet was nice.

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