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My Last Smoke

I have quit smoking for the year. Smoking meat that is. I smoked my last meat of the year on James’ birthday Tuesday. I smoked a beef brisket. I smoked a pork shoulder. I smoked a few chicken thighs. I also smoked a pan of pinto beans with...
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Pot Chuck Roast with Vegetables

seared chuck roast
Chuck roast is one of my favorite cuts of beef. It’s flavorful. Some people may think it has too much fat but that’s what makes it flavorful. The section called chuck is one cut from the rib eye. The cut which a prime rib comes from. That’s correct...
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Fried Chicken,Fried Potatoes and Corn on the Cob

Last night I cooked a traditional Sunday dinner with one exception. Instead of mashed potatoes I made fried potatoes. My kids like chicken legs the best so I fried nothing but legs. I used my outdoor propane fryer. The great thing about the propane fryer is, I could...
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Smoked Brisket and Lentil Soup

Smoked brisket and lentil soup is a recipe that came to me while I was looking at a couple of pounds of brisket left in my refrigerator. Smoked Brisket and Lentil Soup Recipe Ingredients 2 pounds smoked brisket 1 pound dry lentils 1 15 ounce can green beans...
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Ten Things People Want to Know

Brisket after 13 hours of slow smoke.
I am intrigued by things people want to know when I look at my website stats. One of the stats is what people are searching for when they come to jpatdyer.com. I thought today I would answer ten of those questions. How to cut a watermelon? You cut...
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Grilled Pork Loin Recipe

A grilled pork loin recipe that takes nothing more than a few spices, some salt, a pork loin and a grill. I used a gas grill but charcoal will work just as well. Grilled Pork Loin Recipe Ingredients 5 pound pork loin Morton’s seasoning salt or something comparable...
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Buffalo Hot Wings Oven Cooked

buffalo hot wings
Oven Cooked Buffalo Hot Wing Recipe for those of you who do not own a four gallon deep fryer. If you like Buffalo hot wings this is the spot for you. There is nothing better than hot wings made with your favorite sauce. Just follow my easy hot...
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Smoked Pork Loin Stuffed with Kielbasa

stuffed pork loin
Saturday is for smoking. I often say this to myself when I get up on Saturday morning. Then I make it come true. Today I smoked a pork loin. I first stuffed  the pork loin with kielbasa. Not exactly a diet dish but it is very tasty. Smoked...
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Smoked Prime Rib Recipe

med rare smoked prime rib
A smoked prime rib recipe. Just the sound of it might scare you. A primal cut of beef costing near, if not over, a hundred dollars put into a smoker. Not only did I put it into my vertical propane smoker but I seared it on my gas...
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Fried Chicken Wings with Buffalo Sauce

Fried Chicken Wings with Buffalo Sauce
Fried chicken wings couldn’t be easier if you, like me, own an outdoor propane fryer. I actually own two. I have a traditional turkey fryer which is really just a big pot filled with oil on top of an open propane gas flame. This style can be dangerous...
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