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Fried Chicken,Fried Potatoes and Corn on the Cob

Last night I cooked a traditional Sunday dinner with one exception. Instead of mashed potatoes I made fried potatoes. My kids like chicken legs the best so I fried nothing but legs. I used my outdoor propane fryer. The great thing about the propane fryer is, I could...
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Buffalo Hot Wings Oven Cooked

buffalo hot wings
Oven Cooked Buffalo Hot Wing Recipe for those of you who do not own a four gallon deep fryer. If you like Buffalo hot wings this is the spot for you. There is nothing better than hot wings made with your favorite sauce. Just follow my easy hot...
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Fried Chicken Wings with Buffalo Sauce

Fried Chicken Wings with Buffalo Sauce
Fried chicken wings couldn’t be easier if you, like me, own an outdoor propane fryer. I actually own two. I have a traditional turkey fryer which is really just a big pot filled with oil on top of an open propane gas flame. This style can be dangerous...
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Smoking Saturday Was Great

chicken leg quarters smoked
As I mentioned Saturday I smoked some meat. A Boston Butt Pork Shoulder, a few chicken thighs and a some chicken leg quarters. I did it as easy as possible. Rubbed some seasoning salt on all of it and stuck it in the smoker. Three hours later I...
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Smoking Saturdays

smoked pork and chicken in vertical smoker
It’s Saturday therefore I must be smoking meat. I spend almost every Saturday in the summer slow smoking some kind of meat and quite often two or three types of meat. Today it’s pork shoulder and chicken leg quarters with a few boneless, skinless, chicken thighs thrown in...
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Barbecue is Not Hamburgers and Hot Dogs

hickory smoked beef brisket
Barbecue is a process of cooking meats at very low temperatures for a very long time. It is not grilling hot dogs and hamburgers. McDonalds is not a barbecue restaurant. Coney Island, not famous for bbq. So next time you invite me, which after this post will probably...
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Smoked Chicken Wings

smoked chicken wings
As you are beginning to learn, I’ll smoke anything that doesn’t smoke me first. Today it was chicken wings. I am a big fan of chicken wings of any kind but smoked may be my second favorite. My first, is of course, buffalo style. One of the reasons...
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Fried Chicken on National Fried Chicken Day

fried chicken dinner with corn , mashed potatoes, biscut
Today is National Fried Chicken Day. In my house growing up we called that Sunday. Every Sunday, without fail, my family ate fried chicken. My mother would fry four chickens in cast iron pans. It would take her a couple of hours from start to finish. Those days...
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Beer Can Chicken

This is one of my family’s favorite summer time dinners. However since we live in a town that doesn’t sell packaged beer I often substitute root beer. Just make sure it’s not diet if you substitute. It’s really one of the easier ways to cook chicken on the...
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