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Gluten Free Hamburgers

gas grilled gluten free hamburger
Gluten Free hamburgers. Tuesday night we had so many choices for dinner. We had just been to Sam’s Club Monday night and the freezer is full of meat. Unfortunately meat in the freezer is FROZEN!!! Yes we bought hundreds of dollars worth of meat and didn’t leave a...
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Ten Reasons to Smoke Meat

smoked bbq brisket
10. Your house looks good wearing a cloud of smoke 9. It takes all day so you “can’t” do the yard work. 8. Less oily than fried meat. 7. You don’t have to flip it like you do grilled meat. 6. Healthier than smoking cigarettes. 5. Keeps you...
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Rib Eye Steaks are My Favorite

rib eye steak with beans
Rib eye steaks are my favorite steak. Probably because they are loaded with artery clogging beef fat and beef fat is tasty. Especially if you render it to a grilled candied perfection. New York strip steaks are pretty good. Filet Mignon (tenderloin) is over rated but still better...
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Smoking Saturday Was Great

chicken leg quarters smoked
As I mentioned Saturday I smoked some meat. A Boston Butt Pork Shoulder, a few chicken thighs and a some chicken leg quarters. I did it as easy as possible. Rubbed some seasoning salt on all of it and stuck it in the smoker. Three hours later I...
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Smoking Saturdays

smoked pork and chicken in vertical smoker
It’s Saturday therefore I must be smoking meat. I spend almost every Saturday in the summer slow smoking some kind of meat and quite often two or three types of meat. Today it’s pork shoulder and chicken leg quarters with a few boneless, skinless, chicken thighs thrown in...
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Scrambled Eggs Has to Start Somewhere

cheese omelet with toast
For me it was Mom’s spaghetti. For you it may have been meat loaf. For James it may be an omelette. Yesterday I realized of all the things my son James can cook none of them require a skill beside putting it in a pot, pan or microwavable...
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Barbecue is Not Hamburgers and Hot Dogs

hickory smoked beef brisket
Barbecue is a process of cooking meats at very low temperatures for a very long time. It is not grilling hot dogs and hamburgers. McDonalds is not a barbecue restaurant. Coney Island, not famous for bbq. So next time you invite me, which after this post will probably...
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Hamburgers on the Grill or Inside

grilled hamburgers on grill
The skill of grilling hamburgers is often taken for granted. Contrary to common opinion not every man was born with the skill. With this simple primer anyone can grill a nice juicy grilled hamburger. Ingredients; Ground beef ( hamburger ) I use a half pound per person Amount...
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Pork Shoulder Gas Grill Recipe

pork shoulder cooking on gas grill
Cooking a pork shoulder on a gas grill isn’t much different than cooking one in a vertical propane smoker. Both of them are going to take hours upon hours to get the perfect pork shoulder. My recipe begins with a Boston Butt Pork Shoulder. Confusing as it may...
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Hickory Smoked Pinto Beans with Beef Brisket

hickory smoked pinto beans with beef brisket chunks
There is nothing better than Hickory Smoked Pinto Beans with chunks of beef brisket. I smoked 220 ounces of beans for my grandson’s birthday party. My wife did the famous Pooh Cake so I had to do something equally impressive in my own way. To start with I...
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