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Do I make a mess?

gas griddle two open burners
Sometimes I get the feeling I may be a little messy when I cook. When I owned and managed restaurants I had dishwashers who cleaned up behind me. At home I have a wife who cleans up my cooking messes. But I  got the feeling she would rather...
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Smoking Meat and Beans

Today I am spending my time smoking meat and beans. To be exact a beef brisket, a pork shoulder and two gallons of pinto beans My plan is to have the pork shoulder drip onto the brisket then in turn, as the fat renders from the brisket, have...
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Pulled Pork Sandwiches Cooked in Oven

Pulled pork is a very popular meal these days. I now do mine in my smoker if the weather permits but once in awhile for one reason or another the smoker is not practical. This recipe more than does the trick. It’s just as tender and flavorful but...
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BBQ Sauce – an easy quick recipe

barbecue sauce on pulled pork
I have been asked many times what is the best home made barbecue sauce recipe you have ever tasted. I always say the same thing. The barbecue sauce I made. By the way – I make several different styles depending on what it is being applied to and...
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Swiss Steak Recipe

Swiss Steak Easy Recipe to make a delicious dinner. It does take a little prep but it easy to cook. If you have never had steak cooked slowly with diced onions, diced peppers and diced celery you need to. It is fairly easy as far as cooking skills...
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Boiled Beef Brisket

beef brisket
I  wrote about how to cook a beef brisket on a gas grill, a charcoal grill and slow smoke on a vertical propane smoker. I then wrote on how to power smoke a beef brisket. So what’s left – Boiled Brisket or as many people know as the...
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Barbecued Beef Short Ribs Recipe

Barbecued beef short ribs is one of my favorite meals. The short rib is a little bit more difficult to tenderize but the flavor makes the extra effort more than worth it. Beef Short Ribs Recipe Ingredients 3 lbs. beef short ribs is what I use but amount...
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Smoked Chicken Wings

smoked chicken wings
As you are beginning to learn, I’ll smoke anything that doesn’t smoke me first. Today it was chicken wings. I am a big fan of chicken wings of any kind but smoked may be my second favorite. My first, is of course, buffalo style. One of the reasons...
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Boneless Prime Rib Recipe

prime rib slice medium rare
Boneless Prime Rib Recipe – it’s not just for Christmas dinner anymore. If you follow this simple step by step boneless prime rib recipe you can look like a cooking star. It also covers cooking a bone in prime rib so don’t worry if that’s what you chose...
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