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Cooking Tip Brisket – Where to Buy

Many people have asked me where is the best place to buy a beef brisket. I haven’t bought one at every store, so my comparison data base is limited, but I can tell you where I buy mine.

Sam’s Club.

First of all, for full disclosure, I don’t work for Sam’s or Walmart or any company affiliated with the retail giant. I have no monetary interest in promoting their products. I just know a decent beef brisket when I buy one.

One reason I like to buy at Sam’s is; they carry the full size packer briskets. The other reason is; you get a choice grade brisket for the same price or less than what other stores sell select grade. Remember, prime is the best, choice next and then select.

I have had great results when buying select but it’s easier to make a good smoked beef brisket if you start with choice grade meat.

beef brisket choice grade beef

I hope this helps and if you need more help feelĀ  free to email; jpat@jpatdyer.com or use the comment section to ask questions.




  1. BBQ Guy says:

    What if I don’t have a membership with Sam’s? Where should I buy my brisket?

  2. J Pat Dyer says:

    That’s a great question and I should of thought of that. If you do many briskets it is probably worth it to get a membership. If you don’t want to to, for whatever reason, Walmart carries whole briskets – usually. They are, I believe, select grade. Remember if it doesn’t say different on the label it is select.

    Most grocery stores do stock the smaller flat briskets which can be smoked just as well. They just aren’t big enough for my family. They start at about 5 lbs and will be about 3 1/2 to 4 after cooking which is plenty for most people.

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