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Dairy Queen – Is It Just Me?

Is it just me or do other people receive crappy service everywhere they go too?

Last night we go to Dairy Queen, Granted Blizzards are on sale and it was busy – for about ten minutes. The ten minutes when we walked in. There was no line inside but drive thru was wrapped around the parking lot. We decided what we wanted and stood at the counter, and stood at the counter, and stood at the counter.

dairy queen bad service

James was not thrilled with waiting and less thrilled I was taking his picture.

Finally after a few minutes a young man asked us if he could help us. Since they don’t allow customers behind the counter I said yes. We asked for 4 mediumĀ  Blizzards. A Strawberry Cheese Quake, A Chocolate Xtreme, A Snickers and my Butterfinger Blizzard. Then we clarified the order, then we repeated the order, then we repeated it again upon being asked again what we ordered. All by the same young man.

Then he put ice cream in 4 medium cups, added flavors and candy and did what he thought was blending the candy with the ice cream. It was more like gently stirred.

I paid after I had to ask him the price three times because he wouldn’t take his hand away from his mouth while he spoke.

We received our Blizzards and went to find the cleanest table in the dining room.

Sharon found a less dirty than the rest table. I went to sit down and realized the seat was covered in fries. So I sat across from her instead of next to her. Funny thing, I like to eat french fries but I don’t like sitting on them.

Like I said we bought 4 Blizzards. One for James, one for Sharon, one for me and one to bring home to John. The Bizzards are buy one, get a second for 99 cents. So being nice to John was cheap.

Three of the Blizzards were filled to the edge of the cup or close. Guess who’s wasn’t ? If you said me, you win again.

dairy queen blizzard not full

Before I took a bite

Now I certainly don’t need every single bite of ice cream in a medium Blizzard, and they are on sale, but I still feel cheated when I get less than a full cup.

We quickly ate our Blizzards because John’s was melting plus we really like ice cream. They were good. All three were mixed on top and pretty much just a cup of vanilla ice cream once you get half way down. Still good but not quite what they should be.

Is this normal or do service people everywhere hate me?



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