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Dairy Queen

I took a day off from my diet and took the kids and wife to Dairy Queen. When I say kids, I mean two out of four, but they were mostly an excuse for me to get a S’mores Blizzard. It helps me sleep at night if I justify eating ice cream by telling myself I did it for the kids.  In all actuality, I don’t need an excuse to cheat on the diet because I am  on a self imposed break during the rest of Summer.

I enjoy grilling and smoking meat way to much to try to diet during the warm days of July and August. In case you didn’t notice I also enjoy ice cream way too much. And in our town that means DQ. We have no other ice cream places except McDonalds, Burger King and the other fast foods.

We really need an old fashioned ice cream shop in Glasgow (Kentucky not Scotland).

It would be great to go to a place that specializes in ice cream. A Mom and Pop place who shows you they appreciate your business.

Again, it probably shows I am old fashioned when I think it would be nice to be treated with something besides indifference when trading money for services or products.

I remember a time it was like that but I have a very good memory. Now it’s just “have you been helped?” As if that’s any way to great a customer. You think they could remember if I had been helped. I am always tempted to say, “No, I am waiting on seven Blizzards, two chili dogs and a large Coke” but I am afraid they would go get those items without blinking and give them to me and I don’t like cheating anyone, even indifferent teenagers.

Although the lady today was no teenager but she was just as indifferent. She asked me to repeat my order three times because she kept talking to another employee while I spoke. Then she still got the order wrong. My youngest, James, wanted a Chocolate Truffle Blizzard and he got a Tropical something. Close sounding, I guess, but no cigar.

But all in all it wasn’t bad. No thank you, no pleases but we did get our ice cream and they were filled close to the top unlike a few times we’ve been there. In fact the reason I started ordering Blizzards instead of Dip Cones  was because the cones had too much difference  in size.

I would want a small and get a huge cone. Next time I would order a large and get a smaller than the small cone. It drove me crazy until my oldest suggested ordering something in a cup because it gives them something to fill according to the size you order.

It works most of the time.


Obviously this time it didn’t work. This picture was taken before I had a single spoonful.

But in a town without competition, Dairy Queen can do what they want and ice cream addicts like me will put up with it to get a delightful cold treat on a hot July day.

Just ask my kids.

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