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Is Dr. Phil the dumbest rich guy in the world or am I nuts. This guy can spend more time saying less than anyone since Howard Cosell died. All he does is state the obvious in words any Mississippi mayor would be proud of. This guy makes Jed Clampett look sophisticated. and worldly. Hell I think he is Jethro Bodine with a bad hair cut. In an effort to help our fellow man we are going to give Dr. Phil a list of sayings he is free to use. These sayings won’t make him look any smarter but it should make him sound smarter.

If the women all look better at closing time never show up before 1:45 AM
If hair was brains I’d be a blonde
If you always carry an umbrella you’ll never get wet
If my under wear was edible I’d offer you a snack
I help one patient a day. This beats the hell out of being a rodeo clown
If Oprah told me to bark like a dog I’d say “not again my throat hurts”
If life was fair would I be famous?
Never look back you may see the talk show host you left behind
If you had a sugar momma your life would be good too

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