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Driving School

My youngest son is learning to drive. Anyone who knows me, knows, I am not good at riding with anyone. If I am in a car I am driving or not enjoying the ride. So to ride with a 16 year old as he learns to navigate my mini van is not fun but I am making it work.

Today I took him over to the high school to practice. This week is fall break so the parking lot is empty. It’s perfect. I let him go around in circles for about an hour and in return he gets to use my weed eater.

He’s getting better at driving and cutting weeds.

The driving was a little nerve racking. Mostly because the speedometer is obviously broken. It read 10 mph and I know we were going about 145. Even at that speed he only hit a curb once. It really wasn’t too bad. He was practicing pulling into a parking space when he pulled up too far and brushed the air dam (the thing that hangs down under the front of the car) on the curb. Something I have also done a few times but don’t tell him.

By the end of practicing he was cruising around the parking lot pretty good but not as good as he handled the weed eater when we got home. He did a nice job of hacking up some weeds pretending to be green fall foliage.

By the time he gets his license our yard should be ready for Home and Garden Magazine. My air am might be laying in a parking lot somewhere but there are always sacrifices and that is one I am willing to make.

A few hours with me digging my nails into the dash board, a bruised air dam in exchange for a work free landscaping upgrade?

Sounds like a good deal to me!

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