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The World Didn’t End

I never thought I’d be writing here again. I thought my last day would’ve been Monday. Not that I don’t like talking to you good people but I wasn’t going to waste my last days pecking away on a keyboard. I was sure the world was going to end Monday at 11:59 PM.


Because I had heard that everywhere. I heard it on Fox News. I had heard it from some friends. I had heard it from some acquaintances. I had even heard it from strangers.

The world would end on September 30th.

It turns out it didn’t end. All that happened was millions and millions of Americans would no longer have to choose between health insurance and food or prescribed drugs.

Tuesday most of the Affordable Health Care Act was put into use and the Earth did not implode. The population was not besieged with riots. Molten lava didn’t engulf American cities.

All that happened was thousands and thousands of people enrolled in health care plans they can afford.

Truthfully it didn’t directly effect me. I have insurance. It did indirectly effect me. One of my sons will now be able to afford health insurance when he goes off our plan. His mother and I won’t have to worry when he gets sick if he can afford medical care. We won’t have to worry if we can afford to pick up the slack if he gets sick. Hopefully he never needs the insurance but the peace of mind that he now will never have to go without insurance is nice.

Of course like with all good things come the bad. The people that now have insurance will want medical care. There will be more people at the doctors offices. It may create lines. I might have to wait longer to see a doctor. I may be inconvenienced because a parent with a sick baby now can afford to have the baby checked by a doctor. I may have to wait longer to get an appointment so a newly insured person can get looked at first. I may not be able to get sick because less people will have to ignore their illness’s thus getting timely treatment and not passing the germs on to me.

How awful that will be.

Less sick kids. Less sick adults. A healthier nation.

So maybe the world as we know it did end. The wealthiest nation on Earth decided to pull it’s head out of it’s collective ass and do the decent thing. Do what Hillary Clinton worked towards in 1993. Do what Republican President Richard Nixon proposed on February 6, 1974.

To allow people to live with a little less stress. To allow all people to have access to medical care. To allow people to know if they get sick they can get treatment before it spreads to other people.

And if the world didn’t end as we know it at least it got a little more compassionate.

But just a little.




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