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Exercise Comes In many forms

People get exercise in different ways.

Today I got mine by jacking up my mini van and fixing the rear tire. Last night when I went to pick up Chris from work it was brought to my attention, by a nice young man parked next to us, that the tire was flat. Luckily it had enough air we could drive it home so I didn’t have to fix it in the parking lot. I also didn’t have to fix it while it was dark and 40 degrees.

So today with the sun out and temperatures nearing 60 I went out to fix the tire. I first jacked up the vehicle to see if I could find the leak. I right away figured out it was losing air where the small nail was sticking out from the tire tread.

I went back into the garage to find my tire plug gun. It’s a nifty little device that injects a small rubber plug into a hole in a tire to stop a leak. My family at one time owned a tire store so I feel comfortable fixing my own tires.

I found the gun but it hadn’t been used in years so it needed a little coaxing to get it to work. I coaxed it with a hammer and a can of WD-40. It took me about 15 minutes to get it to work.

Then, believe it or not, I took a small tool that looks like a short ice pick and stuck it in the tire to make the hole bigger. Then I inserted the end of the gun and injected a lubricated rubber plug into the tire. I pulled out the gun and the plug came with it. That was not supposed to happen.

So I repeated the process and this time the plug stayed in the tire. I am not sure what I did wrong the first time but when I only fix a tire every five years or so I was probably just out of practice.

I then put some air in the tire. It seemed to be holding air but to be sure I poured soapy water on the plug and saw no bubbles. That’s a good thing. I finished filling it with air and checked it again with more soap and water. Still no bubbles.

I used a pair of scissors to trim the excess rubber from the plug.

Finally I lowered the van to the ground.

My workout for the day complete. It may not be as glamorous as spending time on a tread mill, wearing bicycle shorts, at the gym but it was much more productive.



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