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More Exercise

Again today I got a workout.

You know what I did yesterday if you read my post. You know I got an unusual workout. Today was more of the same. I didn’t ride a stationary bicycle like some. I didn’t lift weights like others. I didn’t even go jogging. I trimmed my grass.

I didn’t mow it I trimmed it.Mowing it is when I ride around on my lawn tractor. Today I used my weed eater to trim the edges of the lawn next to the patio. It doesn’t sound like much but I have a big patio.

After trimming grass I then cut all the weed like shrubs that have grown up under my deck. There were quite a few of them but not anymore. I used my tree trimming tool. It looks like a giant pair of scissors. They weigh about 5 pounds and it took me about a half hour so it provided a little weight resistance.

Then, if that wasn’t enough, I swept the driveway. Again it doesn’t sound impressive unless you have seen my driveway. It’s 150 feet long and three cars wide near the garage. I also swept the front walk after I hosed it off. The walk is much shorter than the driveway but still longer than most people’s – about 50 feet long. I also cleaned the front steps.

After all that I took a break. Ate some dinner. Then I started an indoor project – replacing our stairway rail mounts. The mounts had broken.

This was not fun.

A couple of the screws were stripped. I had to use vice grips to unscrew them from the wall. Then of course we decided in our infinite wisdom to buy a different style that the old ones. Mostly because the old ones were made out of cheap alloy so it really was wise but it presented a few problems since they attached different to the rail and the wall.

As I write this I still don’t have the rail mounted. I have to first cover up the holes where the old mounts screwed into the wall.

That will be tomorrow’s exercise.

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