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Fat Burning Watermelon

Fat burning watermelon is a trick I learned from Hayle Pomroy’s book – The Fast Metabolism Diet.

Making fat burning watermelon is pretty easy. All you have to do is sprinkle lime juice onto your watermelon. Then sprinkle chili powder onto it and eat. I truthfully was never a big fan of watermelon. It always seemed like a bigger hassle than it was worth. Funny thing is – I like watermelon with lime juice and chili powder sprinkled on it. It gives it a nice citrus bite plus it burns fat. Could it be any better?

Fat Burning Watermelon in Pictures

watermelon slice

Slice the watermelon. If it’s a oblong shaped watermelon you want to cut it shorts ways. Like you would a loaf of bread. Use a long knife and count your fingers afterward.

watermelon slice without rind

Using a smaller knife – run the knife around the outside of the red part.


Again using long knife – cut watermelon cross ways but leave connected.

watermelon covered in lime juice

Sprinkle lime juice onto watermelon liberally. This is why we kept it connected. It’s easier to get good lime coverage.

fat burning watermelon

Sprinkle chili powder onto watermelon. I like a lot of chili powder. My wife likes a little (the story of my life). My recommendation is use a small amount – taste and add if you want more.


 fat burning watermelon with lime juice chili powder closeup

This is just a closer picture of the fat burning watermelon after putting on lime juice and chili powder.  Haylie Pomroy’s book says to put on the chili powder, then the lime juice but I find that the lime juice washes away the chili powder if you do. So I, as I said, go lime then chili.

There you go, Fat Burning Watermelon – a nice summer time treat – guilt free.



  1. Amy says:

    I tried this and liked it. I didn’t really taste much chili powder and the lime juice gave it a great twist. If I start seeing fat burn away I’ll eat it at every meal.

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