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My Favorite Shows

I thought telling you what my favorite TV shows are would give you an insight into my mind. These are not in any particular order.

  1. The Big Bang Theory….Sheldon, Leonard and the gang are hilarious. The only show I know of which adding characters made it better. The only thing I don’t like about this show is sometimes Sheldon reminds me a little too much of myself. A mystery is how the actress who plays Penny never getsĀ  nominated for awards. Probably because people believe you can’t be beautiful and funny. Trust me I know!
  2. Person of Interest…..John Reese is the best. If you are in a tough spot Reese is somebody you’d want on your side.
  3. Two Broke Girls…just like Big Bang – hardly a moment they aren’t fall down funny.
  4. Two and a Half Men….mostly because it reminds me of a time when Charlie Sheen was on the show and it was as funny as Big Bang. Even though it’s a shell of itself I watch it because old habits die hard. Much like old men who date young women.
  5. Mike and Molly….Never thought this was going to be funny but it surprised me.
  6. Goldbergs…You may have to be old enough to remember the 1980′s to appreciate this one.
  7. Castle…A beautiful woman and a ruggedly handsome writer star in this one – much like my marriage. Funny and well written. Not an easy show to predict.
  8. Shark Tank……a guilty pleasure.
  9. Modern Family….Another comedy that makes me laugh enough to forget about life for 30 minutes or so.
  10. The Middle…I think I like the Hecks because their house is not always sparkling clean. They have real problems but they muddle through like the rest of us. Their kids aren’t perfect like mine but it’s still pretty fun stuff.

You may have noticed it’s heavy on comedy. Even the two dramas have funny moments – especially Castle. I like laughing. It’s good for the soul. Life is too long not to spend a lot of it laughing. But you know that or you wouldn’t be reading me!


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