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Foggy as Pea Soup

I have already been out today and if you don’t have a red nosed reindeer you may want to stay indoors. As my father would of said “it’s foggier than pea soup out there.” I always wanted to ask how foggy pea soup was but in the 60′s, when I grew up, it was better not to test fathers. There wasn’t much tolerance for smart mouthed kids those days.

As I drove through the pea soup like fog, I wondered what kind of an idiot drives in fog without their lights on? I was shown more examples than I can count of said idiots. Is it a death wish or just stupidity? I really don’t care which but I do care when your careless actions endanger me.

Turn your lights on in fog!

It’s not so you can see us, lights won’t help that, it’s so we can see you!

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