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Fourth of July

On the Fourth of July this table is usually full of people. This year it’s just covered in rain. I am sure you thought I waxed the table to a glossy sheen but you were wrong. It’s soaked from a rain storm which has lasted several hours as of this afternoon. The plant is my Tabasco peppers that, I’m sure, are close to drowning at this point. The plants on the rail are left to right – oregano and rosemary. A very nice bunch but not as fun as the usual Fourth of July crowd of people.
picnic table fourth of july rain

We usually smoke, grill and fry while people and kids play volleyball and other games. Then when it gets dark we shoot about 200 dollars worth of fireworks into the air. Nothing like watching money explode into brilliant shades of red, white and blue.

But with the forecast, which was correct, calling for rain all day and night we didn’t plan a thing except grilling a couple of hot dogs and hamburgers for James and I.

My wife,  our sons TJ (the oldest son) and Chris (second oldest) all had to work so it wouldn’t of been the same anyway. John (third oldest or is it second youngest?) was off and went to a friends house but he would of stayed for the fun on a usual Fourth of July.

So it’s just James (the youngest) and me.

Poor kid.

P.S. For those keeping score at home – Sharon has now had to work the night shift this year on  Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day and the Fourth of July, while managers who have less seniority are off or working day shifts.

Not fun being the only woman manager in a place run by over aged frat boys.

burgers and dogs on grill

Not exactly our usual 13 lb brisket, 8 lb pork shoulder, 10 lbs of chicken thighs, hamburgers and hot dogs

jalapenos stuffed with cheese

Garden fresh grilled jalapenos stuffed with cheese. One of my favorites.

burger and dog

My dinner – cheese burger, hot dog and fries. I had already ate the peppers when this was taken. By the way – none of this is on my diet but it’s a holiday and that means NO DIET!


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