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Free Root Beer Floats

I like root beer. I like ice cream. Therefore I really like root beer floats. Today, August 6th is National Root Beer Float Day. In recognition of a great day, A&W Restaurants are giving away small root beer floats. They do have a donation request for the Wounded Warrior Project.

So whats better than a free root beer float and donating to a great cause? Nothing on a hot August day in my opinion. If you are not aware of the

Wounded Warriors Project

it’s a organization that helps men and women who were wounded in the service of our country’s military. I’d say that’s a pretty good project to support. So lets all go drink a root beer float and help the men and women who helped a nation stay strong.

free root beer floats at A&W

James and John at A&W getting Free Floats

We just got back from A&W. They had no signage. Didn’t mention the free root beer floats. They did have a donation box for the Wounded Warriors on the counter where you pick up your food after it is cooked. We didn’t see the box till we asked about it and the girl, who I think may have been the manager, kind of grunted and pointed in the direction of the box.

The root beer floats were, in this day and age, a small. When I was a kid they probably would of been considered at least a medium and maybe a large. The floats were free and for the record we donated more than what the floats would of cost.

All in all, I would say cheers to A&W for doing the promotion and jeers to the local restaurant on executing the promotion. It’s a real shame, A&W did such a nice thing and the local restaurant couldn’t follow through in a competent manner.

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