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I am covering the Glasgow High School football game tonight. Should be a good game. When I say good game it means I expect Glasgow to win. A bad game is when Glasgow loses and I have to interview a coach right after his favored team was defeated. I know from personal experience losing coaches are no fun to talk to. Tonight is a playoff game so it would be really nice if the Scotties could go ahead and win one. If not for the school do it for me.

Until then I am doing a few things around the house. Right now one of those things is laundry. Not because I need something to wear. No, I am washing clothes because it’s either that or knock out a wall and expand the laundry room to hold all the clothes that magically accumulate there. I think some of these clothes were in there when we bought the house.

After that I will probably spend a minute or several looking over the opposing team’s roster. It’s nice to look at some of the names now so I have half a chance of spelling them tonight. In case you haven’t noticed no one is named John, Dennis, William, James, Joel or Vincent any more. They all have names like Marquez, Quintel or Jaylon. All good names just harder to spell.

Football is not as hard as the female sports to write. The high school girls have so many variations of the same name. Stuff like Ashley, Ashlei, Catie, Katey, Meagan, Megan and Breeanna, Breana.

It makes it tricky but I hate to ruin a kid’s good night on the field or court by misspelling their name in the paper. I know mom and dad are going to buy multiple copies of the paper so it would be nice if they didn’t have to explain that no that’s not the spelling that’s just the way the idiot from the Glasgow Times spelled it. No one bothers to mention, said idiot, had 15 minutes to write a 600 word story about the teams exploits. They only mention the idiot part.

Well I better get more clothes in the washer and start my spelling practice.

Sharon is making baked goods tonight for James’ Academic Team so tomorrow’s post should be delicious.

Until then……….



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