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Fried Chicken Wings with Buffalo Sauce

Fried chicken wings couldn’t be easier if you, like me, own an outdoor propane fryer. I actually own two. I have a traditional turkey fryer which is really just a big pot filled with oil on top of an open propane gas flame. This style can be dangerous but if you are careful, they are well worth owning. If you do chicken wings in one I would encourage you to fill it about half full to minimize the chance of the oil overflowing.

The other fryer I own is a four gallon Cajun Fryer made by RV works. I bought it from BassPro Shops. This fryer is perfect for frying chicken. It holds, obviously, four gallons of cooking oil. It is heated by propane and designed to keep the oil away from the flame even if it overflows.

propane deep fryer cajun fryer

Cajun Fryer. Notice how it is lower in the front than the back. The flame is in the back. The wheeled stand was sold separately.


I can fry about twenty chicken wings at a time in the fryer without crowding the wings.

Fried Chicken Wings  with Buffalo Sauce Recipe

I begin with whole, fresh wings I bought at Sam’s Club. The reasons I bought them at Sam’s Club are price and quantity. They are simply cheaper per pound and the packages are bigger.

fresh chicken wings for frying

Fresh Chicken Wings Bought at Sam’s Club

I cut the wings between the drumette and the two bone section (flapper). I left the wing tip on the flapper.

whole chicken wing

Whole Chicken Wing

cut chicken wing

Chicken wing Cut Between Drumette and Flapper


I cut the wings because they fit in the fryer baskets better cut. You can also cut off the tip and save it for chicken stock, throw it away or maybe use it for a craft project like Martha Stewart would.

cleaver for cutting chicken wings

Cleavers are Very Handy For Cutting Chicken Wings

They will cook just as well, left whole but won’t be able to fit as many in the basket.

I heated the fryer to 350 degrees.

I put both baskets into the oil.

wings in 350 degree fryer

20 wings in Fryer

Alternating between the two baskets I dropped twenty wings into the oil.

You can put the wings in the baskets before dropping into oil if it is easier for you. You may get a little sticking of the wings but it is not as critical as it would be if we were dealing with breaded or floured wings.

After 30 seconds of cooking, lift the baskets and shake. If any of the wings are stuck together separate with tongs.

wings in fryer

Wings After 30 seconds

Fry wings for a total of six minutes taking care to regulate the heat, as best you can, at 350 degrees through the whole cooking cycle.

After six minutes remove from oil and let drain over fryer. Then place wings onto paper towel to further drain.

fried chicken wings

Wings After Frying Six Minutes

Place wings in bowl, add your favorite hot sauce. I use Frank’s Red Hot Wing Sauce – Buffalo.

Toss wings in sauce till completely covered. If you are not confident in your tossing ability use a Tupperware style container with lid to coat wings.

Serve the fried chicken wings with buffalo sauce with a dressing. My family likes Ranch dressing but traditionalists will want blue cheese. I eat mine with one, neither or both depending on mood.

Fried Chicken Wings with Buffalo Sauce

Fried Chicken Wings with Buffalo Sauce and French Fries

Celery stalks also go well with fried wings.


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