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Frozen Dinnner at home but Not at Restaurants

It seems more and more I read about people who say they save time by freezing all their meals ahead of time. I have a few thoughts on this subject.

How can your life be so busy there is no time to cook meals?

First of all let’s look at the obvious. It does not save time by cooking ahead. If you cook ahead you are spending the same amount of time. Probably more time, because of freezing. It’s just spent at a different time. This is not a lack of time issue but a lack of allotting time issue. Quit spending hours cooking, freezing, thawing and do something with that time which will free up time to cook your food moments before it is consumed. When it not only tastes best but is safest to eat.

Now secondly;

Food is the most necessary thing in our lives with the exception of water and sleep. How can your life be too busy to prepare this necessity? Only humans would have this problem. Every other animal makes eating a priority. When was the last time you saw a chimpanzee at the gym when he was hungry?

But for fun lets pretend you are too busy to cook food. If this is the case eat raw food. Fruits, vegetables and cereals come to mind. All three are good raw. Two of the three, fruits and cereals are very good together.

Another thought.

Think about this cooking ahead phenomenon. As I understand these people are taking a day and preparing a week or more of meals. Some people even get together with friends and cook. They prepare the food. They cook the food. Then they freeze the food. Then they thaw the food when it is time to use it. What if your favorite restaurant did this same thing?

You sit down at Outback, Red Lobster or Mom and Pop’s Diner. They bring out your food. Food they cooked last week, froze and then thawed out for your dining pleasure. Is this what you would expect? Of course not but this is what you are feeding your own family. Every time you do this imagine Gordon Ramsey in your kitchen watching you. What would he say?

Rubbish? Trash? Garbage? Or something more colorful?

My advice is quit cooking ahead and prioritize your life.

  1. Water
  2. Sleep
  3. Food
  4. Everything else

This is not my list, this biology’s list.

The thing, maybe the funniest of all about cooking ahead is, I read about it constantly. This means the people are writing about it often.

Do you suppose the time spent writing about it could be used to prepare a fresh meal?

Now with all this being said I do want to mention there are times when I feel cooking and freezing makes sense.

You are trying to lose weight and it helps you portion control. Then the trade off might be worth it.

Making sauces or soups which take a great deal of time. It’s almost as easy to make five gallons of meat sauce as it is to make one gallon.┬áSame goes with chili, barbecue sauce, stew and other similar foods. Then freezing the remaining sauce would be a time saver.

But when it comes down to it personal preference will rule the day.

I like to eat freshly prepared food.

If you like freshly thawed food that’s your business.

But don’t complain to me when your kids and spouse spend all their spare time at my house.

Then all you will have to thaw out is a meal for one.

They used to call that a “TV dinner.”

Doesn’t that sound tasty.


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