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Gluten Free Hamburgers

Gluten Free hamburgers.

Tuesday night we had so many choices for dinner. We had just been to Sam’s Club Monday night and the freezer is full of meat. Unfortunately meat in the freezer is FROZEN!!!

Yes we bought hundreds of dollars worth of meat and didn’t leave a single item out to thaw.

So our choice was hot dogs, which thaw quickly, or hamburgers, which can be grilled from frozen. My wife is not a big fan of hot dogs, so hamburgers it is.

We did buy buns, right? No we did not! But we did have my wife’s gluten free hamburger buns.

gluten free hamburger buns

Gluten Free Hamburger Buns $5.99 for six buns.

They too were frozen. Gluten free has a very short shelf life if you don’t freeze. Lucky for us they also thaw very quickly. The buns are very good but a little expensive. It’s well worth it if you are gluten sensitive but at 5.99 for 6 buns, a little more than we usually spend for the rest of us.

Since we were going healthy with gluten free, dairy free, soy free and nut free we had to add some decadence in somewhere.

Decadence on a burger? Bacon of course!

bacon for cheeseburgers grilled on electric griddle

Grilled thick cut bacon on the electric griddle.

We have an electric griddle which works great for grilling bacon. A couple of minutes on each side, throw on a paper towel to drain and wait for the burgers to cook.

So while my wife  grilled the bacon I warmed up the grill. When it was hot I put a burger on for everyone. All four of us. I added some seasoning salt and black pepper. turned them after juices started to puddle on top and seasoned again. At this point a also put the gluten free hamburger buns on the grill, cut side down. I added cheese when the burgers were done. I turned off the propane and let the cheese melt with the lid closed. Even frozen, the hamburger patties only took about five minutes- total.

grilled hamburgers on gas grill cooked from frozen

Grilled hamburgers on gas grill with gluten free buns and cheese. Putting the buns on the grill for a few seconds really makes a difference but be careful they can burn quickly.

We all added our own condiments and chips. I went traditional with ketchup, mustard and pickle relish. I went with potato chips instead of the kids choice of Doritos.

gluten free hamburgers with potato chips

Hamburger, gluten free bun, ketchup, mustard, pickle relish, bacon, cheese and a side of potato chips. The relish is under the bacon.

gas grilled gluten free hamburger

The burger was delicious. Cooked to medium and the gluten free bun is very good.

The gluten free bun is expensive but I must say it is a very good bun. The are comparable to the best deli hamburger rolls.

So our accidental gluten free hamburgers were a success. They tasted great with the flavor only a grill can give burgers. They were gluten free, so my wife could eat them with out worry. The chips were a nice touch to complete a summer time classic.

Try it and enjoy!





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