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Grandson’s Party

Saturday we celebrated our Grandson’s first birthday. His birthday was last Wednesday but you knew that if you have being reading along and taking notes. We celebrated three days late to match work schedules and because, as smart as he is, he can’t read a calender.

ice tea and lemonde dispensers

These are my wife’s beverage dispensers. She got them for Mother’s Day because everyone should be able to serve 9 1/2 gallons of liquids at a party. By the way she also has two 3 gallon dispensers.

beautiful family with one year old

This is Grayson with his Mom and Dad. Dad is our oldest. What a great looking family.

three uncles waiting for food at birthday partyThis is Uncle James, Uncle Chris and friend of family Corey. James is our youngest and Chris is our second oldest.

uncle at birthday partyUncle John with his friend Jessica, he is between James and Chris in age.

hot grandmaThis is Grayson’s Grandma, my wife, the notorious baker. She also fills ice tea decanters in her spare time.

one year old laughing at birthday partyGrayson laughing with his great grandfather.

parents eating at birthday partyNotice how Dad is eating while Mom feeds the baby? That’s my boy!

grandchild opening presentsGrayson had to go shirtless after the cake eating. Besides it was 95 that day. I wanted to go shirtless too but was afraid I’d scare people.

Foot uncredited.

child on birthday

Grayson eying his new drum. His cousin in background. Later on he hit cousin with drumstick. I am not going to say where he inherited that kind of stuff but his Dad was a U.S. Marine and used to fight MMA for fun.

ttols for bbqMom and Dad got a few presents too. It was not only a birthday but had a little house warming thrown in.

These are the bbq tools we bought them. We also bought him a new gas grill and a full propane tank. I better get invited over for burgers.

winnie the pooh blanketA blanketĀ  his great aunt made for him.

winnie the pooh cakeOne last look at the Winnie the Pooh cake Grandma made him.

It was a great party with a ton of food and drink with friends and family. I even learned a trick I can’t wait to try……..cheese stuffed jalapenos – WRAPPED IN BACON!


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