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Guys Healthy Eating

Sharon worked tonight so James and I ate healthy. We ate protein and vegetables.

hot dog and fries

Protein and vegetables

The protein was an all beef hot dog and the vegetables were potatoes, pickles and tomato ketchup. It’s the male version of healthy eating. It may not be the salad Sharon would of made but it was good.

Since the temperature outside was about 35 degrees at dinner time I decided the hot dog and french fries would taste better cooked inside. I was right because I hate the taste of food when my fingers are frost bitten from grilling in frigid weather.

I cooked the frozen french fries in the oven at 425 degrees, for 20 minutes, then added the hot dogs to the pan and broiled them and the fries for ten minutes with the oven door partially opened.

It made the fries slightly crispy and the hot dogs tasted like they were fresh off a flat grill.

I was happy with the results and James seemed to like it too.

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