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Halloween Decorations

Yesterday was obviously October 15th. A little more than two weeks before Halloween. Sharon is feeling almost back to normal after her bout with kidney stones.

So she decides she wants to decorate for fall and Halloween.

We stop by a farmers market. Our son John happens to be with us. I am not a big fan of buying decorations that you throw away in a few weeks but John has been working a lot of overtime and he tells his Mom he will pay for whatever she wants. I think to myself “This will be a good lesson for him. It will come in handy some day when he is married.”

She picks out 4 mums. Very popular for fall decorating in Kentucky. Three straw bails.  For background. Three bunches of corn stalks. For framing. Four pumpkins. Because it’s Halloween. We also bought a 1/2 bushel of apples for pies. $9.95 is a good price compared to grocery stores.

The total was about 90 bucks. John seemed a little surprised. So was I. This was much lower than most years. She took it easy on him.

So we get home. We unload the minivan.

She begins to decorate. It looks very nice but she wants a few bigger pots than we had available for her mums. We wanted to go to Lowe’s any way to buy a Halloween decoration or two.

We own quite a few Halloween decorations but she usually adds one or two more every year.

We get to Lowe’s and I can’t believe how many decorations are displayed.

Decorations of every shape and size. Big ones. Little ones. Even medium sized ones.

All Christmas!

October 15th and they already had cleared their Halloween decorations and replaced them with Christmas trees, lights and other things.

I had an idea. Take back the 90 dollars worth of straw, pumpkins, corn stalks and mums, keep the apples for pie, and decorate for Christmas. It would save us a step in the yearly rotation, maybe two. If week skip Halloween and go straight to Christmas we would skip Thanksgiving too. Plus I am thinking if we decorate for Christmas now it would mean no cold weather light stringing.

Sounded like the perfect plan.

I was vetoed.

We apparently will make do with what we have in the garage. Not a bad plan B.

We did, by he way, find a lonely shelf of misfit Halloween decorations at Lowe’s. The ones that wouldn’t sell even when discounted. We didn’t buy any of them either. Poor misfit toys.

So we bought four flower pots and I picked up some lithium AA batteries.

By the time we were back home it was getting dark. The Halloween decorating was stalled but she finished what I would call the fall or harvest part.

Today it’s raining so the Halloween decorations will have to wait another day but our yard looks pretty good so far.

harvest decorations

The harvest part of the fall decorations.

At least to me it does. If you ask John he may have another opinion.

He may be surprised at what 90 dollars worth of decorations look like. I know I always have been.

I have always had my suspicions that’s what the apples are really for.

It’s hard to complain about the farm market prices while eating one of Sharon’s apple pies.

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