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Halloween – What is it good for?

Halloween or All Hallows’ Eve is a Christian feast day patterned after Celtic harvest festivals. In America and other countries it is observed on October 31st.

I don’t know about elsewhere but here in the U.S. we celebrate it by sending our kids door to door pan handling for candy. When I was a kid it was even better if you lived in Nevada, like I did, because you got the day off from school. Not because it was Halloween but because it was Nevada Day. The anniversary of the day Nevada was admitted to the union. As kids we didn’t care why we just liked the fact we were off from school. Now that I have children I am sure that was a nightmare for parents. To put up with us all day while we waited for Trick or Treat to start.

Modern Trick or Treat is not what it once was. My kids are too old now to do it but when they did, just a couple of years ago, more people abstained from participating than partook. When I was a child it was rare to find a house who didn’t have a porch light on and a bag full of candy awaiting us. Now it is close to 50% at best.

There also was no set hours when I was young. We Trick or Treated for hours. We started at dark and stopped when my mother and older brothers got tired of walking us around. It is amazing how long an older brother will walk with you for a cut of a pretty sizable haul of candy.

We are talking a grocery bag full and not healthy stuff either. Candy bars, lots of candy bars those days.

Now the hours are set. I think Glasgow’s Trick or Treat starts at 5 and ends at 7:30. Which is longer than some towns.

Now people are careful about which houses they visit. In my day you didn’t need to worry about people contaminating the candy. It was unthinkable. Mostly because the neighborhood fathers would of taken care of that in their own way. Remember this was a time when my Dad and all the other Dads were World War Two veterans. It’s funny how guys who spent their late teens and early twenties killing people don’t have an aversion to policing their own neighborhood by any means necessary.

Anybody who tried to poison a child with tainted candy would of been begging for a cop if they were caught.

So Trick or Treating was very safe.

In other words – my childhood was perfect and now the world sucks.

And that’s my story and I am sticking to it!

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