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Hamburgers on the Grill or Inside

The skill of grilling hamburgers is often taken for granted. Contrary to common opinion not every man was born with the skill.

With this simple primer anyone can grill a nice juicy grilled hamburger.


Ground beef ( hamburger ) I use a half pound per person

Amount per person of ground beef depends on your family and guests.

My family and usually many of my guests (son’s friends ) eat a lot. If your guests eat like normal people you will probably need about a third pound of hamburger per person. Remember the burgers will shrink as they cook. I like an eighty to twenty mix for taste but a leaner mix like eighty-five to fifteen will shrink less and have fewer fat calories as indicated by the second number (fat percent). Although I believe most of the fat calories end up dripping into the flame and I am sticking to that story.

Chef salt

hamburger buns, rolls or bread. Do yourself a favor and skip the cheap tasteless white bread variety. Use a good roll, it makes a difference.


If using charcoal briquettes arrange one pile in the middle of the grill.

If using a gas grill with three, four or five elements light as many elements as needed to put fire under all the burgers.

Let the charcoal burn in one pile until the briquettes are white.

Spread charcoal out into one layer. I like to leave an area without any charcoal. A “cold spot” where I can place patties that finish a little quicker.

Using either of these grilling methods you will use high heat.

While grill is heating;

Form the ground beef into balls.  Place hamburger onto cutting board flatten out with your hand.

Flip ground beef over and flatten out ground beef a little more.

Form outside edges into whatever shape you like. I prefer round. keep in mind shape of bun you are using.

Place your thumb in the middle of the patty and make an indention. It will keep you from having dome shaped burgers.

Place hamburger patties on grill in center, leaving at least an inch around each patty.

Grill until moisture begins to puddle on top of burger.

Flip burgers

For one third to one half pound patties cook approximately another five minutes.

Sprinkle hamburgers with chef salt. If using a shaker using a motion similar to hammering a nail will work best.

If any burgers seem to be cooking quicker move to “cold spot” or if using gas turn burner lower.

Using an instant read thermometer, check a couple of burgers. You will want 160 degrees for medium well ( no pink ).

Remember burger will continue to cook after removing from grill for a minute or two.

With experience and those helpful critiques from the wife or husband, you will learn how your family prefers their hamburgers.

My family likes somewhere between raw meat and burnt black. If they don’t they can cook their own burgers.

While you are cooking the hamburgers  hopefully someone is busy setting up condiments. We use mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, pickles ( both sliced and relish ), lettuce and once in awhile tomatoes Рdepending on time of year.

We also use cheese. Sometimes I put cheese on the burgers right before I pull them from the grill. Sometimes we apply cheese inside.

Depends on whether it’s family, who I know all eat cheese, or when we have guests who may not like cheeseburgers.

Indoor Methods

Using an electric griddle or large pan, grill burgers without food release (oil or butter )

use medium heat to lessen smoke. Warning; you will have smoke so open window and use exhaust fan above stove.

Use same method as outside…..puddles on top, cook five minutes, second side…160 degrees….etc.

First tip;

If you press down on your burgers with spatula and mention you used my recipe, you will not only have a very dry burger but I will also find you and put my spatula where the sun doesn’t shine.

Second Tip;

Pressing burgers with spatula or flipping burgers more than once is a sign of a rookie griller.

Flip once with confidence and you will be less vulnerable to unwanted advice.

I hope this helps next time you have a craving for grilled hamburgers.


Grilled Hamburgers
a simple guide on how to grill hamburgers

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 10 minutes

Yield: one per person

  • 1/2 lb ground beef per person
  • hamburger rolls
  • seasoning or chef salt
Form ground beef into patties and place onto grill, flip once and season.
grilled hamburgers on grill

Great grill marks on burgers


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