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Have you ever had a vacation that was more work than work?

Have you ever had a vacation that was more work than work?

You know the kind or at least I do. Everything is on a schedule.. Alarm clocks are set. Bed times are planned. Every stop, every meal is calculated to the minute.

Can’t stop there because it’s a sit down restaurant. I like that one but their drive through is backed up. If we don’t wake up tomorrow by 9 we’ll miss the free breakfast. Check in is three, check out is 11, so don’t unpack.

It’s worse than being at work.

Instead of a boss telling you what to do you have a watch dictating your every move. Driving to our vacation and see something interesting? We can’t take the time to see it or we will miss our hotel reservations and that will mess up our dinner plans. Then tomorrows schedule will start out on the wrong foot.

It’s tiring just thinking about it.

A little while ago I was talking to a friend, on the phone, and we came up with a great vacation plan.

No plan!

A rental car.

A full tank of gas.

A few clothes.

A general direction to start.

Nothing more.

Drive towards something you are interested in and if you get there great, if you see something better – even greater. See a billboard describing something fun? Take the next exit. Was heading north? Now heading east.

Vacations are supposed to be relaxing. I admit, I am the worst. I want my free time planned to the last detail. I want to know where I am going to sleep and eat and when it is happening.

I have lost my adventurous side. My ancestors crossed an ocean, then a continent, before I was born in Idaho with less planning than I do to go camping.

I need to venture out without my trusty TomTom at my side. No Rand McNally maps. Just a steering wheel and an eye out for fun.

Oh yes, and my wife.

Because she still looks pretty fun to me!



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