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Hickory Smoked Pinto Beans with Beef Brisket

There is nothing better than Hickory Smoked Pinto Beans with chunks of beef brisket.

I smoked 220 ounces of beans for my grandson’s birthday party. My wife did the famous Pooh Cake so I had to do something equally impressive in my own way.

To start with I bought, two #10 cans of Pinto beans. They are 110 ounces a piece.

pinto beans for hickory smoke

Pinto Beans for Smoking

Then of course I need a beef brisket. I bought a smaller one than usual. As always I bought it at Sam’s Club. It was Choice grade Black Angus weighing about 9 pounds.

untrimmed beef brisket

Untrimmed beef brisket

I didn’t trim off the fat like I normally do because I wanted it to flavor the beans.

I then picked up a Boston Butt pork shoulder.

boston butt pork shoulder rubbed with chef salt, brown sugar and mustard

Boston Butt Rubbed in Chef Salt, Yellow Mustard and Brown sugar

I wanted to smoke the Boston Butt to add another layer of flavor to the pinto beans. When I smoke meat, more often than not I rub chef salt in and rely on the wood to add flavor. This time I used the chef salt then applied a layer of yellow mustard and brown sugar.

beef brisket yellow mustard brown sugar rub

I rubbed in the chef salt and simply squirted yellow mustard onto the brisket and rubbed it in to the meat. I then rubbed brown sugar on next.

I did it this way so when the brisket and the pork shoulder rendered the fat it would drip into the beans with a mustard and brown sugar taste.

pinto beans in the smoker

Pinto beans on the bottom

beef brisket in propane vertical smoker

I then put the brisket in next.

boston butt with brisket in gas smoker

The Boston Butt went on the top. beans on bottom, brisket in the middle.

Before I put in the beans I salted and peppered them and added onion powder then stirred and did it again.

I smoked all of this for eight hours with hickory wood. I then wrapped the two meats separately in aluminum foil and smoked until they reached an internal temperature of 195 degrees. The beans – I removed added a quart of barbecue sauce, stirred and covered with foil. Did not put back in smoker.

hickory smoked beef brisket

Hickory smoked brisket after 12 hours at 225 degrees. I poured the rendered juice into the beans too.

hickory smoked boston butt pork shoulder 225 degrees 12 hours

Boston Butt pork shoulder slow smoked at 225 degrees for 12 hours. I used this to flavor the beans then put it aside for the next day’s dinner.

I thin sliced, then cut into chunks the beef brisket.

slow smoked beef brisket sliced

Tender, juicy brisket, slow smoked 12 hours. Notice the moisture? That is very hard to do with brisket unless you slow smoke at low temperature. Because I didn’t trim the fat the smoke ring was not as prominent. But the rendered fat had tons of hickory flavoring.


hickory smoked pinto beans with beef brisket chunks

This is what the brisket looked like before I stirred in the chunks of beef. I put a layer on, then stirred, another layer stirred, until they were all mixed into the beans.

The result was the best barbecue beans I have ever tasted. There is no substitute for slow smoke flavor. There are ways to come close but nothing is as good as the real thing.

Hickory Smoked beans
Slow smoked hickory smoked pinto beans with beef brisket chunks

Prep Time: 30 minutes

Cook Time: 12 hours

Yield: 20

  • 220 ounces og pinto beans
  • nine pound beef brisket
  • 7 pound Boston Butt Pork Shoulder
  • Chef salt
  • Yellow Mustard
  • Brown sugar
  • BBQ Sauce
Slow smoke beans, beef brisket and pork shoulder. Cut brisket and mix into beans.

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