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After the Hospital

Continued from yesterday………She does her business and they send her home from the hospital. We go through the drive thru at Walmart and drop off her prescriptions. They said it would be 25 minutes. We go home and I get her settled. She doesn’t need the prescriptions yet so I wait two hours before going back to get them. I go inside this time because I hate trying to pay through the drive through with a debit card and I didn’t want to go to the bank to get cash.

I tell them her name, birth date, our address and they say “It will be 5 minutes.” 25 minutes is what they told me it would take total? It’s been two hours! But I am not surprised. This is Walmart.

I get the medicine and a bag of small Butterfingers and 100,000 dollar bars for me. I offered to share.

She took the medicine at the intervals prescribed.

So now it’s Monday and she has had a headache all day. Not a migraine but close. We think maybe it’s because she hasn’t eaten much so she tries to eat. Still has headache. I assume ice cream will cure anything so I prescribe a Dairy Queen Blizzard. James and I get one too just to keep her company.

dairy queen blizzard cheesecake

Guess which one is mine? Yes the one that is about half full. At least Sharon got the full one. But again I have to suffer.

She took about two bites of her Blizzard and starting getting chills. We called the doctor and they said to quit taking the pain medication and they would call back with further directions.

They did not call back.

She kept getting worse. I took her temperature with my meat probe. I couldn’t find our thermometer. She was  rare getting near medium rare. I looked harder for the thermometer and found it.

Her temperature was 101.6. Thirty minutes later it was 101.7. Thirty more minutes and it was 102.1.

I called the hospital. A doctor called me back immediately. He said to give her Tylenol and in three hours give her Motrin.

That seemed to work.

Her temperature went back to normal as long as she kept rotating the Tylenol and Motrin.

The next day her doctor called, he took her off the second medication and sent a prescription to WalMart.

She had to wait for the Tylenol to get out of her system so I didn’t go to WalMart for four hours. When I went to pick up the medicine they said “It will be 10 minutes.” Got to love WalMart.

So if you are keeping score she is now off two of the original three medicines.

Her headache remained.

The third medication ran out and her headaches have now stopped.

She still isn’t feeling to well but at least no headache right now. No energy either but no headache.

Now she has to wait till Monday to have her stent removed. It is an in office procedure. That should be fun. Some stents they leave strings on so they can pull them out like they are starting a lawn mower. Her’s didn’t come with a string so I am guessing a pair of long needle nosed pliers of some sort.

I am thinking I’ll wait in the outer office. I have seen her give birth but I have to draw the line somewhere.

Should be a fun weekend waiting for that.


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