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A Hot Saturday Night

Chris was at work. John was Christmas shopping. James was with his girlfriend at the mall. We were alone on a Saturday night. What should we do? So many choices. It’s been a long time since we had a Saturday night all to ourselves.

The choice was obvious.

We went to Sam’s Club to buy fresh meat.

Of course that’s not all we did. We also bought baking supplies for Sharon’s Christmas baking. To be exact 184 dollars worth of food. Actually that’s not true. It was 173 dollars of food plus 11 dollars of cat litter.

It was a hot Saturday night.

To celebrate our big evening we went out to dinner. Again there was so many choices. Outback, Red Lobster, Longhorn’s Steakhouse and many more. So of course we chose the newest restaurant in Bowling Green – Freddy’s Steak Burgers.

We fought through the kind of traffic you only see on Saturday nights in December across from a mall. We found a parking spot near the front door and walked in to find about eight cashiers looking at us. They all stared at us while we looked over a menu we had never seen before. We looked at it hurriedly and ordered the first item – a double steak burger combo. Sharon also wanted a chocolate milkshake so I kept her company by ordering one also.

The total was $23 something. Seemed a little expensive for a couple of burgers, fries and milkshakes. I looked at the receipt and saw the milkshakes were $3.69 a piece. The combos were $6.99. I figured the milkshakes must be huge since they were $3.69. Plus we were supposed to get drinks with our combo meals so the 3.69 was an upcharge. So how much were these shakes if we ordered them separately? $5 bucks maybe?

Again, I was now expecting huge milkshakes. They called our number for the shakes. They were not huge. In fact I would call them small in today’s world of Big Gulps. Maybe 12 ounces if I had to guess.

chocolate milkshakes Freddy's Steak Burgers

Chocolate Milkshakes at Freddy’s Steak Burgers.

They did however have very thick straws. We were a little disappointed in the milkshakes but then we tasted them. Wow! They had enough flavor for shakes twice their size. Starting to feel better about Freddy’s.

Our number was then announced for our burgers.

I went up to the counter to retrieve our food. While I was up there I asked the manager about the price of the shakes. More curiosity than anything. He nicely explained about the shakes being $3.69 in addition to the drinks we got with the combos. I told him we didn’t get any other drinks. He promptly apologized and went over and got me two cups for soft drinks. They, like a lot of places, had a self serve drink station.

He then said he would bring out a couple of cards. I wasn’t sure what that meant. A minute or two after sitting down to eat he brought out two cards entitling the holder to¬† free combo meals.

I told him it was not needed but he insisted and said ‘That’s the way we roll at Freddy’s.”

Pretty impressive customer service.

We tried the steak burgers. They were pretty good. Similar to Steak and Shake if you have ever been there.

The fries were shoe string. About half the thickness of McDonalds. Maybe even thinner. Sharon wasn’t a big fan but I thought they were okay.

So in summary; great service, good food, expensive but worth the price chocolate shakes.

Not a bad way to end a hot Saturday night.


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